Friday, September 01, 2006


Saw a screening of John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus yesterday afternoon. Wow. Incredible.

I was a bit nervous, since I wasn't sure how a film with "extreme sex" as the folks at ThinkFilm have called it, might come across after seeing Winterbottom's Nine Songs, which also has unknown actors having full penetration sex onscreen.

But Mitchell (yes, of Hedwig fame) handles it with such joy and sincerity that after the first few graphic moments (like the self-suck opening) the sex becomes a natural part of the plot. Plus, there's plenty of comedic moments along the way.

I was so happy afterward, and Mitchell was outside the screening room afterward. I would have loved to have stopped and chatted, but I had to get back to work and I'm holding off until I have a proper interview with him. It had me excited about the city, even walking into the thick of the tourist-knot that is Time Square didn't quell the positive vibes.

Not sure how this film will be distributed nationwide, but if it comes to a theater near you—go see it!


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