Sunday, August 13, 2006

urban casualidad

This is actually coming two weeks late—go figure. Guillem moved into town two weeks ago to set up residence in the Big Apple for three months, and it's the most exciting thing to have happened in a while and I haven't written about it. He swapped his BCN apartment for one in Chelsea and is ready to take the theater world by storm. He's even set up a new blog for all his pals back home (so brush up on your catalan).

On Friday we had a little get together at his place (expecting it would be much easier to get people out to meet the guest of honor since he's so centric to the action, as opposed to us). We got an eclectic bunch of fellas, drank too much, ended up on the roof and eventually at Rawhide (a sketchy leather bar that most of us had never set foot in). So Saturday would normally have been spent recovering from all the debauchery, but I had a Fringe Festival show to get to. So I roused myself enough to get on the train and attempted to get to the theater, where I was meeting guillem, for a noon performance. I arrived 5 minutes too late and we had to forego the play.

Later I headed back into town for the first of another two plays scheduled for the evening. On the platform at 14th St., waiting for the local train, a woman approached me wondering what was up with the trains. Turns out she was an actress. An actress in a play in Fringe. An actress in a play in Fringe that Guillem was planning to see that evening (Ana 3/11) by a Spanish playwright about the Madrid train bombings. Weird coincidence.

I headed to my play Oblivious to Everyone by Jessica Lynn Johnson about a woman who is obsessed with TV, especially Paris Hilton. Afterward I walked from Tribeca, through Chinatown. As I walked along Grand St. to the Lower East Side, I felt light and happy—a feeling I haven't felt in a while—partly because the opressive heat wave had broken and the city seemed beautiful, partly because I was having alone time in the city. I realized how little "free" time I'd had in the past six months or more. How little time I'd had just to wander. As I walked up Orchard towards Delancey, I looked into the cute little shops and restaurants on the street. I walked down Ludlow and came upon a play being performed in a surface parking lot. Turns out it was an excellent production of As You Like It as part of Shakespeare in the Parking Lot. It was another of those weird serendipitous experiences that are so great about urbanity. I watched it for a while, got a call from Guillem that he was going to meet me for the last play of the evening, then headed over to Allen St. to get some $1 dumplings. We walked over to the Henry St. Settlement Theater to see Don't Ask. As we were going up the stairs I recognized the guy behind us.

"Were you on Oz?" I asked.
"Yes, I was," he said with a grin.
Later he introduced himself. "I'm Sean. Are you reviewing the show?" In fact it was Sean Dugan, the redheaded guy who played a really creepy character on the 4th-6th seasons of Oz. (He was responsible for setting Luke Perry's character on fire, as I recall.)

We actually sat next to him during the performance. It was a bit of an overdramatized bit about two soldiers in Iraq doing bad things, gay things. Not a great play, but at least the end of an interesting day here in the city.


At 7:41 PM, Blogger Guillem said...

well, what can I say
thanks for the wonderful party
thanks for the theatre tickets
thanks for helping me getting my way around here
thanks for being a friend

At 4:33 AM, Blogger Gayest Neil said...

Mmmmmmmmmmm..... OZ.


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