Friday, June 16, 2006


I was offered a ticket to see Radiohead at Madison Square Garden Wednesday night. Then that fell through.

Then I got a message from TrayB saying he'd take me as his date last night to see Rufus do Judy at Carnegie Hall (thanks to his BF for letting me go!). Do you KNOW how excited I was? I'd been reading about the concert and listened to his NPR interview over the weekend. I expected it to be a ... well, I'll let you just know what I thought during and after.

I love me some Rufus and, like most younger gay men, I'm not a Judy Garland fetishizer but I give her respect. She was an amazing entertainer, with few who can touch her.

That's partly why I felt like, wow we really need a woman up there, a diva, who has the vocal chops to pull this off. Rufus has a particular voice and style which I enjoy but I also undertand his limitations. He's nasal, he is lazy in his diction, he can (I admit it) be downright boring at times.

Last night felt like (as Tray so wonderfully put it) a stunt to try to put him in some gay icon realm and, save for a couple of songs, he didn't really have the presence or vocal range to do Judy (or the songs) much justice. I kept thinking, I bet Judy would have given me shivers. Hell, Madonna made me CRY during one of her live shows. There's something that a woman with attitude can accomplish that a man, no matter how great a performer, just doesn't seem to capture.

As it was, Rufus did pull of a cute stunt. He brought his sister Martha out, who was great (although I kept trying to figure out why she was holding her face so much) as she sang "Stormy Weather." She also looked 20 years older than she usually looks with her hair up in some formal do and a pink chiffon dress and big ole heels.

Tray and I left last night feeling a little disappointed. I know I was happy to have at least been at a concert that will most likely be remembered and talked about. Too bad it was more of an ego-boost for Mr. Wainwright than a legendary performance for the rest of us.


At 8:47 AM, Blogger Jazzy Justin said...

I hear ya. I can't imagine Rufus's voice cloaked in the ultimate diva accoutrements. As much as I admire his musical and lyrical talent, I just can't get past his voice. It's an aquired taste I just can't assimilate - and I'm not even close to being one of those classically-trained voice talent snobs. I sure wish I could get beyond it, because I'd like to like him.


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