Thursday, June 08, 2006

can I call myself a blogger?

This past weekend the gay blogascenti descended on the city. I only spent a few hours with them on Sunday night at the Eagle. But it made me realize how little I've been paying attention to this blog thing.

Fact of the matter is, most of my life is now consumed with work-related stuff and I can't and won't write about that on here. So what am I left with? I've become infinitely boring. Maybe, if I start doing more interesting things I'll come back to the fold. But I'm not gonna start writing about my thoughts while brushing my teeth or the miniscule details of my life. Sorry bout that, I'm sure you're so disappointed.

I can tell you that there's some angry woman who lives near us. I've heard her yelling in the mornings with such rage that I'm amazed that anyone can contain such vitriol and put unleash it at 7 in the morning. I realize I haven't felt such a violent emotion in a LONG LONG time. And then there's the Polish (or maybe Russian) super of our building who's super nice and seems to be cleaning our trash bins every morning at about 6:30. He's a clean one, that guy. So that means that I am getting up earlier and earlier and trying to write for myself instead of being some dud who doesn't do anything but look at other people's work.

I thought I lived in NY but lately it feels like we're in London with all the gray and gloom and rain we've been having. It's June and it's COLD.

OK, does that seem like a taste of blogging? Maybe? I'll try better next time.


At 10:07 AM, Blogger dayone said...

we live across the street from a bar/club that lets out every night at 4 am. This little gem is tucked in an alley so we didn't even know it was there. Every night those fuckers stand on the corner screaming at each other about what they're going to do next. Go the fuck home! It's 4 am for christsakes.

At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Suzanne said...

that's for sparing us the minutia of your life. and you're scaring me about home ownership. I'm looking at condos in ATL, hoping to make a purchase soon, and I'm scared to death of ending up beneath a tap-dancer. Have you had experience with weird hallway smells? P-U!


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