Thursday, May 11, 2006

growin up, catching up, living it up

Got to see an old friend who was in town for a quick NY trip this weekend. Amy K. B. was here with Dave and we spent some time traipsing around and went to see Upright Citizen's Brigade. We also caught up with R. Brown for a bit (since he was nearby for business in Newark). Ah, what lovely catching up was to be had: two of my favorite college buddies as well as two of the reasons why I'm in journalism today.

You see, Ryan somehow convinced me to write for our lovely college paper, The Stormy Petrel, back when I was a freshman at OU. My reasons were purely selfish: I wanted the chance to see as much theater in the city and go to movies. Because of our invites to screenings and shows, Amy and I were able to go on a Christina Ricci binge during her alt-movie summer (do you remember when she was the poster child for indie film when indie film was still something unusual and credible as an alternative to the mainstream? It's true). Plus, I was all over Dad's Garage their first year and went to 7Stages and Actor's Express. It's one of the reasons why I fell in love with the city at the time: because I could go experience the arts and culture in a way that most poor college students couldn't.

And now I'm still doing that, just at a higher level: getting the perks of working for a paper in a city that I certainly can't afford as a poor working man.

That last comment is going to seem out of place when I drop the bigger bombshell: P and I bought a home on Friday. Yes, that's right, we took the plunge, the big next step, the great big commitment allowed all Free Americans—homeownership.

Now, you may be saying, "How can he be saying he's poor when he just bought an apartment in one of the most expensive cities for real estate?"

First, it's because of the support and resources of my man (I still am personally as hand-to-mouth as ever) and second because it's a place that is less expensive for "poorer" folk like ourselves. We spent hours (too boring to recount) at the closing on Friday and then, so anti-climactic, I had to go back to work and finish up some things, go to a show with a friend (Tarzan, which sucks bananas) and then head home where Patricio was finishing up his last paper of the semester. Fortunately I had a (free) split of veuve clicquot chilling in the our fridge (thanks PR swag!) and we got a mini-celebration. But the next day we had to run around town get him ready for his Sunday trip to Cuba so we never got to enjoy our new space together. He gets back in two weeks and I'm trying to get some of our stuff moved before he does since we gotta be out of our place by the end of the month. Fun!

But of course, when P's out of town, that doesn't mean I go into hibernation. In fact, I've been so sober and serious lately (and falling asleep early) that I decided to let loose. Monday I went to a party for some Genre folk (we share offices if you didn't know). A little Ketel One later (mixed with shots of Patron) and I was dancing with the straight classifieds guy, everyone looking at me like I was some freak of nature. The next day I felt like the guy who wore a lampshade during the company Xmas party—everyone was staring at me with a knowing smirk. Then Tuesday night, I ended up getting some more drinks and didn't get home til late. Wednesday (last night) I met up with G and Meatcute and others for drinks. And then Ben got us to go over to Phoenix for the $1 draft beers so I didn't make it home until 1 this morning.

So, yes, it's been a busy, busy week so far.


At 11:44 AM, Anonymous R. Brown said...

danke schoen

At 7:19 AM, Blogger Dee said...

Hey, Jerry, we should go see the new Jennifer Aniston flick. Have you heard about it? It's called Friends With Money.

At 9:48 AM, Blogger dayone said...

wow, congrats on the new pad. now throw a huge party so I'll have a reason to come to NYC.

At 4:25 AM, Blogger Nicole said...

Hearing about the home purchase, I logged on here just to find out where it is -- so, where it is?

Enjoyed the OU-ness of this post -- and I'm about to go to commencement there, actually...


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