Sunday, March 12, 2006


I attempted to go shopping yesterday, but I'm a big failure. I've been too successful in eradicating all those have-to-go-shopping impulses that now when I find myself out and about I just can't buy a thing. I think meatcute was a bit disappointed since I promised him vicarious buying pleasure.

Oh well, it was such a beautiful, sunny day that it was at least great to be outside. And, of course, that's the ONE good thing about shopping in NYC: It involves being outside instead of a mall. So I actually get some sort of exercise and sunshine instead of bland shopping blues.

I spent the rest of the day cooped up inside, napping and getting over my previous night's excursions. I ended the evening by watching both Before Sunrise and Before Sunset since I moved up things in my netflix queue that I KNOW P does not want to watch. God, what a pretentious, depressing, bullshit evening that turned out to be. Sorry for any big fans of the films out there, I too love/hate Linklater for all his pretensions, but the first was such a ball of blech. Maybe when I was 22 I would have related, but now I much preferred the sequel with all its much more realistic cynicism and disappointment. Guess it's cuz I'm closer to the protagonists' ages (32) these days and like to watch defeat than youthful romance.

Anyway, I had reason to leave the house today even if it was rainy: meatcute was all set to watch the off-off Broadway production of Paradise Lost: the Musical. I feel it should have an exclamation mark at the end, especially after sitting through the show, which has one too many jazzy, fosse-esque numbers for something that is purportedly based on Milton (yes, Dee, you'd be so flabbergasted). Plus, I was scratching my head at intermission cuz, maybe my Paradise is rusty, but I didn't remember any Sophia. Turns out she's an addition to the epic poem: These youngins (the writer of the thing only recently graduated from Williams in 2002) decided they could improve by adding "an amalgamation of several ancient divine feminine figures" to thwart Lucifer/Satan and help ol Adam and Eve out.

As I sat there, I thought of those moments on TV/film when they show people at bad NY theater. You know, cramped space, nudity, weird acting choices and directing confusion. Well, having 20 people doing dance/fight choreography on a stage the size of some people's kitchens with "wings" painted on, a puppet snake, people in body suits and fishnets singing about being falling angels and how god would be brought to justice, certainly felt that way.

The only other addition was that hottie Lucifer (who has supposedly been on a soap opera at some point) is also bisexual. No I mean the character, not the actor! Satan goes both ways! Since most of the cast is flamin all over the place, no wonder, but when he kisses Beelzebub on the lips and then goes after Sophia, I realized, "Of course, of course, Satan would definitely want his cake and eat it, too."

gotta love the theater. Up next: Faerie Queene: the Musical!


At 8:53 AM, Blogger Dee said...

So, wait . . . is there a . . . a happy ending?


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