Thursday, March 16, 2006

call me starfucker

OK. So I almost said no to the press credentials to this show. But then I was like, Hell! I've always wanted to meet Rufus Wainwright. I talked to M. Stipe only that once very briefly in the Hartsfield Airport (he was buying Cosmo at a kiosk and I was on my way for study abroad in France) and if I can see Peaches and Margaret Cho in the same room, the world will seem much more liveable. So that's the plan for Monday.

And then, I find out that John Cameron Mitchell is DJing an "afterparty" for the Arcs on Friday of next week. I'm excited. Then a writer of mine calls from Mexico and mentions it and that he's friends with John.

"If you can get me a way to meet John Cameron Mitchell, I'll be VERY happy," I say.
"You serious? Of course, I'll call my friend and you can go clubbing with him or something."

He was serious. I call his friend and I'm gonna meet JCM (who've I've missed at two Radical Faerie gatherings as well as when he was in town for the Atlanta Film Festival the year that Hedwig came out).

"I'm not a starfucker or anything," I told his friend on the phone.
"No, of course, it'll be fun. See you there."

Now, if only TrayB had brought me along with him to meet Stephen Sondheim, so many people that I respect and admire for their talent would be fulfilled. But I guess we all need something to strive for (Almodovar someday?).

Umm. Tomorrow I'm going to the screening of Matthew Barney's new film, which he collaborated on with his wife Bjork. Maybe one day?

OK, I'm not sure why I'm writing all this, but please, don't hate me. It's actually work. Believe me.


At 3:45 PM, Blogger Nicole said...

whoa! way cool!

*i* realize it's really work, and i's proud of you.

(Thought, that is a compliment on your writing/job from someone who typed "I's".)

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Dee said...

*casting peevish glances heavenward*


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