Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tues. opera; Wed. drunk

Last night I went down to Lincoln Rose Theatre located in the TimeWarner mega-mall complex at Columbus Circle (they even have a Whole Foods in the basement!) to catch a performance of Osvaldo Golijov's Ainadamar. My friend Spano had premiered it at Tanglewood years ago, and I'd read the big bj piece on it in the Times on Sunday and decided I really needed to see it. I needed to see it so badly that I went alone. Solo opera going. Could there be anything more queer?

It was a wonderful, haunting, gorgeous, blah-de-blah...It was OPERA! For me, the jury is still out on opera. It's only the second one I've seen it live (the first being Mozart's Magic Flute which was an updated version translated into English at the Fox in Atlanta (we won't count Jerry Spring: the Opera which is really a musical dressed in opera's lamb-like clothing (although it does have valkyries))), but it's still so difficult for me to swallow.

I mean, it's the only art form that I know where melodrama and over-acting/performing is encouraged (OK, perhaps drag performance does as well but at least then it's all ironic) and no one seems to be dismayed. Dawn Upshaw was amazing and I loved the percussion (not something that you can normally say at all about this genre) and the set was actually fantabulous -- a mural that covered floor, ceiling, wings in a cubist camouflage of muted browns, golds, ochres and greens. So it was certainly well worth my time PLUS on the way in I ran into Tony Danza and later saw Barry Manilow getting pursued by a horde of snap happy photographers. (For the record I believe Danza was there to see Manilow for whatever event was going on. He didn't seem to be in the opera audience.)

Tonight I met up with a blogger friend of Nikki G's at the Web.


It was like stepping down into some early 90s mirrored dungeon -- complete with waify Asian boys, a pit-like dancefloor and even a cage for dancers to get their glow-stick groove on. It's mainly an Asian-centric bar/club and M. wanted to meet up there so that we could take advantage of the two-fers. The karaoke (sung in both English and Tagalog) was just an added bonus.

Meatcute met me there after he was through with work and soon after we decided it was time to head over to the Townhouse. I've been informed of this infamous place: The spot to go if you ever need to snag you a shugah dahddee. And, well, it's pretty on the mark. Technically it's a gay "gentleman's" bar. But unofficially there's a few hustlers hanging out and lots of older men in blazers and ties lookin to score. M. seemed to know everyone there (much like at the Web) and I remarked as much.

"Why go anywhere where I'm NOT a regular," he replied. Good point.

So we hung around for a bit. Got drunk on shots of something with kahlua mixed with other nasty liquids, sang along to some showtunes the pianist played and had quite a musical evening.

Really two very similar nights, wouldn't you say?


At 10:21 AM, Blogger Guillem said...

Your posts keep getting more and more New York.
Gay New York, that is.

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Dee said...

Tony Danza! Oh, Potty, you ARE living the life! Whomever shall you run into, next? Alf?

At 7:33 PM, Blogger Harlis Dinwiddie said...

Drunk? I don't remember anything about anybody getting drunk! And, heck, we were gone before happy hour ended, anyway! :)

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Jerry said...

yes, it is true that all that drinking and carousing took place before 9 p.m. Craziness. We need to do that again Michael!

At 8:36 PM, Blogger farmboyz said...

3 NYC bloggers, self included, went to the Townhouse on saturday. The freshness started and ended with the huge bouquets of star gazer lilies.

At 10:48 AM, Blogger Nicole said...


The world-collision factor, that is.

Glad you kids got a chance to meet up.

I have never been to the Asian bar. I have, however, been to the Townhouse. Once, with another fellow alumnus!


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