Wednesday, December 21, 2005

top 10

in my ongoing effort to make money by inculcating the youth of america with positive marketing to both instruct and instruct them to buy (this time a mobile phone for children -- called firefly), I give you one of those instructive games to play with the family and some of the results. Now what would you actually say if you really DID get to speak to these people on your cell. Now that's the question. NO! the question is who's on YOUR top 10? Of course, how I could I be so stupid/distracted so easily?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Thanks to the TWU strike, trains aren't running and that means I can finally catch up with some writing on here. (There's no way in HELL I can make the 140+ blocks from my house in the UWS to work in SoHo -- or would want to try.) Of course, that also means I'm missing out on a few hundred dollars I could use, but hell, staying in bed with my honey on a weekday now seems like something that happens rarely instead of what I expect everyday (oh Barcelona!)

Mostly I'm just worried about last minute arranging, planning and packing before our trip down South to visit family and friends. I mean, now we have to figure out how exactly we're gonna get to Newark to make our plane on Thursday (but hopefully some of this will be cleared up by then).

This past weekend TrayB had his eggnostic xmas party and it was a huge success -- boys stumbling out drunk, things spilled, voices raised and maybe even a little flirtation. Afterward we headed over to the Roxy which I hadn't been to but one time before. This was much more of an orgy of steroids and musk than my previous experience and satisfied my need for a bit of gay explosion before heading down to Valdosta. But I discovered that Taures will be in "Winnersville" while P and I are there and we've decided we must "go out" to the new gay club in town -- some place called Voodoo Lounge. With Taures by our side, I'm sure it'll be ... an experience. That will just add to the other research I plan to undertake on this trip, as well as documenting much of the trailer parks near my parents compound.

Visited the museum of sex (and I'm using the mac which, for some reason doesn't allow me to have html links so you'll have to google that one on your own) for the "Men Without Suits" exhibit that meatcute mentioned wanting to visit. I'm gonna end up writing a review of it for the nyblade so wait for more on that later.

Otherwise, I have several other posts waiting in the wings -- I'll be getting to those shortly.

Monday, December 12, 2005


So, just doing some shopping and walking in SoHo when me and meatcute come upon some paparazzi. I'm in fact more excited about the fact that they are real live paps, than who they are shooting.

MC: It's Elizabeth Berkley.
JP: really? (to the paps) Is that Elizabeth Berkley.
Young pap: [nods head]
JP: Wow. Let's take pictures of them, taking pictures of Elizabeth Berkley.

She actually looked great, her skin glowing after some facial or something in the fancy spa. She must have known that two men in hoodies with large cameras were snapping away -- and loving it. she stood there for a good 10 minutes chatting away in clear view. So we got some poor cell phone pics of the paps taking photos of Miss Jesse from saved by the bell (or perhaps you are thinking of her in showgirls).

Anyway, later I wondered if I should have gone to the rescue, entered the spa and said, "Elizabeth? There's these guys stealing your soul for a few bucks outside." then she would have thanked me and I would have blushed and been the hero. Or not. I've watched that MTV show about how the paparazzi work and how much they get paid. how much could a washed-up actress (albeit tall and gorgeous) be bringing in these days. Nah, they needed those couple of bucks. God bless em.

Monday, December 05, 2005

happy winter

And this is the scene outside my front door when we leave our apartment building Sunday morning. Welcome to a winter wonderland. (Unfortunately it'll probably be the same scene well into March...did I mention this is my first snow in more than six years?)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Bareback mountain

I was reading about the movie that is on just about every cover of every magazine and newspaper than it can possibly get on. Helps that Heath and Jake are so damn cute and we all want to imagine what they look like in bed naked together. I don't have cable so don't really know what sort of TV play it's getting -- but I can imagine and it gives me nightmares.

In fact I was reading the Village Voice cover with a lovely painting of the barebackin dudes. It's a great piece, questioning the idea of love and sex and also that nasty gay bit. Whereas the gays are sure that it's so gay. And Heath is all about it being so much love. Really, couldn't it just be great, hot sex?

But really, I'm not writing about that.

I was reading the story when I noticed the guy next to me looking over my shoulder, reading along with me. It's something that happens all the time, I do it constantly: reading teacher's students' essays, articles, ephemera of all sorts. What can I say? I'm nosy.

But I looked up (trying to be surreptitious about it) to see if he really was that interested to read so closely. Caught. "Oh sorry. I was... Sorry."
"No, it's ok. I do it all the time."
"Yeah, I'm just interested in this film."
"It's a good article. Not really about the film, more about culture and society."
"Really? My friend, who's seen it, says it's like a long fart."
"Hah! That's great!"

Turns out his name is Rodrigo. A Brasilian guy in the film industry, living in NY for three years after school upstate. Weird since I had just left an OUT in TV & Film mixer. He knew nothing of the event, and I really don't know anything of the industry. But he was a nice guy, gave me his card, said I should look him up.

I know you all are starting to doubt my dubious train encounters. But I swear: It happened. Why do I seem to talk and make contact with my fellow humans on the train? I don't know. P says it's cuz I'm accessible. Maybe it's cuz I'm still too new so I leave myself open to the possibility.

But Rodrigo is cute...and he didn't seem creepy. In fact he was quite embarassed that he gave me his card on the train. So nice and shy in fact, I may just give him a call sometime. Oh, who am I kidding. I've already emailed him...