Tuesday, November 08, 2005

scholastic-tastic (call me dulce perez)

It's been a while since I posted something, not because I don't have anything to write about, but because I have had too much to write (most of it paying gigs). Plus, getting home each night from my latest temporary temp performance at the big childrens' book publisher in SoHo has just left me exhausted.

Today was my final day at 20 dollars an hour, tomorrow I'll go back to TimeInc and take it easy for a lot less. While at Scholastic, I was entering the names of thousands and thousands of children from ages 8-15 for various contests and sweepstakes. I have to find something enjoyable about what I'm doing, no matter how mind numbing, so of course I began to record the whacko names kids have been gifted by their oh so wonderful parents.

Scarlett Eagle
Chance Johansen
Dulce Perez
Uriah Washington Beverage
Joseph Bocanegra
Cheyanne Summersalas
Wyatt Horn
Baby Rubi
Jayne Bebee
Mrs. Sukie
Nathan Pond
Joseph Schoolmeesters
Ree Feery
Alexus Tistle
Grace Ahnne (that's a first and last name, not two firsts)

and, last but not least

Precious Henderson

these kids' names got me through the day. They live in places like
Maybee, Michigan or Nenana Alaska and are taught by people like Mrs. Sukie. Oh, dear, dear Mrs. Sukie.

Perhaps best was Caleb Meadows who, if he had one question to ask an astronaut, would ask:
"Did you feel closer to God when you were in space?" of course it was in his mom's handwriting and he attended Kingsway Christian School. Oh, poor, poor Caleb. God? No, honey, I felt further away from you! Now give me a hug you little boogie bear!!

But now that's all over, it's back to magazine racks in Safeways across America.

In celebrity siting updates: Lisa Loeb leaving the Chelsea Container Store (Sat) and (Sun) Julianne Moore rushing down Hudson in Greenwich Village (she's just as radiant in real life).

Last night I volunteered with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force calling a list of names of potential voters in Maine to urge them to vote NO on Question 1 (an attempt to repeal an anti-discrimination ordinance).

So I called 20 Cheryls and 20 Christines and about a dozen Charles but my favorites were the Chesters. They were all very well-informed, old geezers. Until I got to the widow of the Chester who died three years ago. But she said she'd vote nonetheless so that was a plus.

Maybe I'm through with names for a while.


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i see a book deal coming out of all these temp jobs...


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