Thursday, November 03, 2005

runts (and I'm not talkin the candy)

My baby has been working too hard. You know, all fun and no play...makes a student get way too cranky.

So after attending an architecture lecture with Rafael Moneo (snoozefest) we headed down to the East Village to Nowhere bar to meet up with Gayest Neil for the Runt party hosted there every Wednesday by Stephen Merritt (you know, Magnetic Fields fame?).

A party for "Runts and their Runters," P was hoping for some serious short man action. You know midgets on the bar, working their little person go-go magic. I too was having a run of pequinitos (as little guys are called in Spanish) before leaving Spain, and have a true attraction to those guys that maybe measure 5' 4" or so. Alas, not to be had. In fact, as the placed filled up and we relaxed into the groove (99 cent beers helped), it turned out to be a bear-fest with lots of cute, furry, chubby guys. I'm average gay height (5' 8") and most of the guys were larger than me, their heads brushing the ceiling.

We did get a cute T-shirt out of it. I know I'm a dork, but Stephen handing my P a Sex Runt t-shirt was adorable (of course he didn't know or care who it was). And who knew Stephen Merritt was that short! I've only seen him on stage. When I mentioned having written a story about him (one of my first ever music freelance gigs for "The Scene," a failed attempt by CL to get more alternative), he kind of ignored me. Guess talking about the fact that he's in a band and all during his party is not cool. So we switched the topic to the fact that there was a serious lack of short in the room. And it's a perfect bar for it since they've dropped the ceiling to like 7 feet or something so you're kind of in a small, basement atmosphere. It's also the first time I've really missed smoke in a bar since it just doesn't have that sleezy, dive atmosphere without watery eyes and ucky tobacco stench.

The most interesting people we met were of course some beautiful cool lesbians. And of course, one has a blog. We were already planning on a return trip to Nowhere on Friday to meet up wtih a friend's friend and they said they'd be there on Saturday. Looks like we may have discovered our new local, which is not that close, but has the right kind of people and the best vibe in town. Just send in the Freaks, I mean Runts, next time.


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