Wednesday, November 16, 2005

my first gift bag from the gay fab

Last night was such a strange and interesting collision of worlds and attitudes, I'm still reeling from it and not sure how to articulate it in words -- either spoken or written. So I'll just quickly give the rundown.

1. OU Alumni event at the Rubin Museum of Art, created by a rich, old, northern alum. Beautiful space, saw and old boss/colleague, other friends my age and some new, cool alums in the city. Left there about 7:30 to head over to Williamsburg to catch an event I've written about. Drank: 2 free glasses red wine. Ate: some fancy cheese.

2. Show up at Galapagos for "This is Not the New Minstrel Show," a queer reading by young poets and fiction writers. In the front room was a musician/performer Taylor Mac. First he was strumming on a ukelele, singing a song about Lynn Cheney's lesbian novel, while dressed in a lowcut frilly dress that exposed his man chest, a crazy blond wig, his face painted pink and white with sequins. I was in love. He was opening for Bitch, formerly of Bitch & Animal. In my excited state I approached the tall man in drag and said, "What's your name? You're GOOD." I wanted to stay and see Bitch but I had told another friend I'd go to this book release in the LES so I got on the L and headed over to Manhattan. Drank: 1 Brooklyn Lager in a tall, fancy glass ($5). Ate: nothing.

3. First I talk to this guy on the train who I'd seen walking around at Galapagos and find out he's this Arab performance poet and will have an event next week. So I miss my stop and get off at Union Square. I walk down down down and then go to the wrong street, have to double back and I'm at the beige event at the Bowery Bar. It's the book release for this guy Ari Gold. I don't know who Ari Gold is but, as you can see from his site, he's an "international recording artist." And there's this coffee table book of portraits of him taken by other famous friends: Boy George, Kevin Aviance, Joe Phillips. Shelly is there were her entourage of gorgeous boys (one originally from Douglasville) and I'm like the stupid neophyte. "So who is this Ari guy?" "Why would someone want to buy a coffee table book of pics of one guy?" "Who is he again?" I have to say, it must have been one of the most shallow, pointless, inane events I've ever attended. And people loved it. I enjoyed being right up in front when Ms. Aviance peformed, but the rest? Where the hell was I and why was I missing crazy, alterna performers for this? Drank: two free patron sunrises. Ate: many slices of free white pizza, calamari and other things being passed around.

Also got a gift bag with postcards of Ari Gold. A CD of Ari Gold remixes. Sweatbands from David Barton gym. A Sam Adams opener. Well in fact, I have two of all these things cuz somehow I had nothing and then Shelly snagged two and we were out the door to smoke a cigarette.

Now I'm still wondering what is up? And why do I hate gay men so much? And why do I love gay men so much? Perhaps it's the contrast, and I've never lived in a city of such contrasts. And now I just have to figure out how to better cross those boundaries and not be blinded (or suffocated) by the light.


At 3:02 PM, Blogger Dee said...

Jerry, just imagine if--at the height of each performer's performance--your contrasting groups of gays were suddenly spatially (and temporally) switched!

Bewildered, befuddled, bedazzled!

At 4:40 AM, Blogger Guillem said...

wow, all those gay cultural events in just one evening? Now I feel I'm living in a cultural desert.

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Dee said...

In his critical essay, "Point of View and Context in Blake's Songs," Robert F. Gleckner points out:

One serious question remains: how does one distinguish among all these characters, or all they all precisely alike and hence redundant? Professor Mark Schorer answers the question this way--I know of none better: "The point is," he says, "that the individuality of these creations lies not in their rich diversity but in the outline that separates them from their backgrounds."


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