Tuesday, November 15, 2005

and a couch to sit on

Last night I left work early and got home right in time to see our brand new leather love seat being delivered. It fit in the door (which was a worry) and fit perfectly in our cozy little abode.

Seemed appropriate since today is our three month anniversary of moving from Barcelona to put down some roots in New York for a few years. A couch seems like home.

Patricio says I corrupted him and brought him over to the ways of the sofa sitting. When I met him he had no furniture except for a long work table and a computer chair, slept on a futon on the floor and kept his telephone in a closet (which he didn't answer). I found all this incredibly bohemian (especially for Greenville, SC) and sexy. When I first visited him we watched a Russian propaganda film called I Am Cuba by projecting it on the wall and sitting on the floor. I loved it.

While living in a furnished apartment in BCN, it was his first experience at having a sofa. It was cute, leather and very Euro mod. We ate our dinner while sitting there (since our dining room table was converted into his desk), watched our German MTV while sitting there. And yes, even had sex once or twice while sitting there.

So when we got to NYC he said he wanted a sofa. This was a big psychological step for him. It seemed to be admitting he was nearly 40, bourgie and no longer boho. So, of course, since he's an architect as well, it had to be perfect. We started looking around but were disappointed in the selection of potential places to rest our asses. Then we found this place that has nice, simple, cheap(ish) furniture and fell in instant love with this little love seat that would actually fit in our place. We bought it but found out that it would have to be made in the Canadian factory, shipped and then delivered. 5-6 weeks for delivery. Talk about delayed gratification.

But yesterday I got the call, had it delivered a few hours later and we were finally sitting on our silla de amor. Unfortunately both of us had engagements so we both left promptly and didn't get to watch any movies, eat dinner or have sex on our new mueble. But there's still time. We're not going anywhere.


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