Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I followed a nun down the street today. I was behind her for several blocks -- her black layers blowing in the breeze, my grocery bags cutting into my fingers, sweating from the 90+ degree heat -- then I realized WAIT! I'm not in Spain this is New York. Glad to know that there are some sisters still keepin it real back here with a traditional, uncomfortable habit. That means that I can continue to satisfy my craving for nun sightings. It gives me so much pleasure, for real.

So I haven't been able to get excited about writing anything since I haven't really done much that's been very interesting. But last night was a change of setting.

For loyal readers, flashback to earlier this summer when I met a nice American woman at the rufus wainwright concert. She mentioned a reading group (-- in-between spliffs --) back home in New York. Hey, get in touch and you can meet my friends. Well, I did. And last night I gathered with a group in a nice, LARGE apartment near Union Square to discuss Martin Amis' Money. I'd only read half the book (checked out from the Columbia U. library) but no matter, several others hadn't even gotten that far. It was mostly young, attractive gay men with a couple of women (including Shelly) and a table of beatiful food. Got me a bit nostalgic for my pals in ATL and our book club.

We had a good discussion and I met some great, friendly people. It was a wonderful evening in fact and I hope, please god, that, unlike the last time, some of these folks will stick. You know, call me back and make plans and all? Looks like it may be the case since one of them (the host whose house I was tramping through) in fact has already made lunch plans with me next week. And a couple of them want to start a writing group. Yee-haw, looks like it may just be something other than sitting in front of the computer sending out umpteen email coverletter/resumes to any job I come across that seems half-way interesting.

Oh, and one other piece of good advice. One of the women at the book club said I shouldn't lose hope. Once I apply to 75 or 100 jobs I'm bound to get something. That was the magic number for her. So, well, that means about 50 more to go...


At 7:23 AM, Blogger dayone said...

75? I couldn't possibly apply for 75 jobs. Then again I've never lived in New York. It was good to (finally) hear your voice!


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